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Turkey Insurance Market – News
talanx,hdi,ergo sigorta

Talanx Insurance-Investments is expanding its activities in Turkey by acquiring Munich Re Subsidiary ERGO...

Talanx is again strengthening its presence in one of its five core markets (Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico and Chile) and thereby moving closer to its goal of ranking among the top 5 insurers in Turkey by acquiring Munich Re Subsidiary ERGO Sigorta A.Ş
warta insurance

Insurance and Reinsurance Company Warta probes use of AI to deal with claims

By developing intelligent machines that can mimic cognitive functions associated with humans, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionise sectors such as banking and insurance by carrying out tasks that formerly required a member of staff.

A year of strong results for “Allianz Worldwide Partners” from health and travel.

International health & assistance policies proved to be the biggest revenue growth sectors for Allianz Partners last year, followed closely by travel insurance.
jet airways

Jet Airways’ flight cancellations have no cover.

General insurers have been inundated with calls from travel insurance customers who seek a refund due to the air carrier suspending all flights. However, it is to be noted that no refund or claims are payable by insurance companies.
turkey ka;

Healthcare Services For Tourists In Turkey

in accordance with Circular No. 2010/16 issued by the Prime Minister emergency healthcare services for all individuals are free without any distinction of private or public healthcare institutions.

Global indicator measuring insurance potential of world’s markets

The analysis and research work of MAPFRE Economic Research focuses on topics related to insurance and complementary social security, macroeconomic and financial variables and regulatory frameworks. With the aim to foster analysis, different types of reports will be produced:

Fintech investors look into Turkish finance market

The Istanbul Financial Center has been attracting the attention of financial technology (fintech) companies recently. Nigel Verdon, co-founder and CEO of U.K.-based Railsbank, one of the world giants interested in Turkey's fintech ecosystem, said they are currently looking into the Turkish market.
hajj and umrah

Paying Too Much To Hajj And Umrah Trips?

The TCA Investigates Competitive Environment In Relation Travel Packages Arranged By ATTA In Turkey
Turkey Insurance News AXA

AXA Global Healthcare Launches International Health Insurance Foundation Cover Level

AXA – Global Healthcare has expanded its international health insurance offering by launching its new 'Foundation' cover level. Now available to expats and travelers of...
Insurance Cover

Standalone travel insurance vs credit card-linked plans: Which one should you go for?

Standalone travel insurance vs credit card-linked plans: Which one should you go for?
Travel Insurance

Where is travel insurance mandatory?

It would not exactly be off-brand for ITIJ to suggest that travel insurance is an essential purchase for every trip – but for an increasing number...
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South Korean magazine to dedicate issue to Turkey’s Adıyaman

A group of South Korean writers and photographers came to southeastern Turkey's Adıyaman province to collect information and footage to promote and introduce the...
st paul footsteps

In the footsteps of St Paul; Travel along the Turquoise Coast in Turkey.

Antalya Turkey: Mention the word "Riviera", and most people immediately think of France or Italy. As stunningly beautiful as they may be, the Turquoise Coast of Turkey may surpass them both. Or, at the very least, be a definite rival.
world health organization

Health emergency response to the crisis in the Syrian Arab Republic – Annual Report...

WHO has coordinated the health cluster in north-west Syria and health sector partners in Turkey, pursuing joint strategies and objectives to identify and act upon gaps that continue to affect the health of millions of people.
russia - turkey

Turkish, Russian leaders to launch cross-cultural year in Moscow

The Turkish president and his Russian counterpart meet today for the opening ceremony of the Turkey-Russia cross-cultural year. Tourism
Sümela Monastery

Sümela Monastery in Turkey’s Trabzon to welcome visitors in May after extensive renovation

One of Turkey's biggest tourist attractions, central Anatolia's Cappadocia has made a buoyant start to the new season with a 14.5 percent rise in the number of visitors in the first quarter.

Turkey’S IPAU provides around the clock language support for tourists in medical emergencies

The unit provides oral translation in English, German, French, Russian, Farsi, and Arabic for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and aims to extend a helping hand to foreign tourists or people who seek medical treatment at Turkish health institutions.