The holiday season is in full swing and tourists from all around the world will travel soon to Turkey whether it is via airway, via mainland with their vehicles or via open sea on a cruise liner. Which means for the next four month, a high volume of most the travellers’ is going to reach out to their insurers, requesting support for medical emergencies, issues with their vehicles or even just for consultation purposes. 

Where an assistance company comes in play?

Case Example: You and your family had a wonderful vacation in Antalya. A five-star hotel welcomed you since day one with great hospitality and excellent service quality. The flight tickets for your return flight are booked for tomorrow and even the pick-up service is arranged for the transfer to the airport.

However, your eldest son complaints about terrible abdominal pain, it is the middle of the night, and the hotel doctor is not present. The concierge of the hotel arranges a taxi to get you to the nearest hospital. Once there, a nurse is asking for your insurance policy, while your spouse updates the insurer about the situation over the phone. At this stage, your son becomes a “case” in the database of your insurer, associated with your travel insurance policy number. /First Contact/

From here on: Your Insurance Company ABC, is going to contact the Assistance Company XYZ in Turkey (registered in their system as a reliable and preferred service provider) with the relevant information. /Action One/

Dear Colleagues in Turkey,

We have a case in Antalya. The patient (policy number) is currently in Hospital TTT, a “Guarantee of Payment” (GOP) placement is required. Kindly get in touch with the treating doctor and provide us the medical report as soon as available. Moreover, monitor the case and update us with further developments.

Best regards,

Insurance Company ABC

Assistance Companies have in-house doctors and nurses who are ready to consult with the treating doctor at the hospital. 

assistance companies in turkey

Involvement of the Assistance Company 

In most cases, the preferred service provider (Assistance Company XYZ) already knows whom to contact, to get the medical details as fast as possible. Sadly, it turns out that your son needs an appendectomy (a common emergency surgery) to remove the appendix due to an infection.

In such case:

  • the hospital requests a GOP for the surgery (to make sure it gets paid)
  • your son will stay at least for the next 48 hours under observation after the operation
  • which means, your return flight needs to be re-scheduled
  • the hotel room needs to be extended – or another hotel nearby the hospital needs to be booked
  • perhaps a “medical escort” who can accompany the patient till home may also be required
  • and a ground ambulance arrangement to transfer the patient to the airport after discharge 

all these matters are covered by your Travel Insurance, but arranged by the Assistance Company. Therefore check your policy before you start your vacation and make sure everything including an air ambulance option is covered. 

A Few Assistance Companies in Turkey

Selection of Turkey Insurance News
Listed by year of establishment in Turkey

Marm Assistance


+90 216 560 0724

Inter Parter Assistance


+90 216 524 36 36

Europe Assistance


+90 212 337 2002

Eurocross Turkey


+90 216 265 1525

Falck Global Assistance


+90 212 337 2002


*This article was not sponsored nor advertised by any above-listed assistance company/insurance company.  



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