The first meetup of “Insurtech Hub”

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Today, Turkey Insurance News attended the 1st meetup of Insurtech Hub about the “Digital Insurance Distribution Channels” topic at the YTU Teknopark Davutpaşa Conference Center. To our surprise, besides typical Insurtech participants, representatives from insurance companies, online comparison portals, assistance companies and brokers were invited to share their thoughts on the topic as well.

We have to say; the concept of the brief three-hour event was clear and entirely professional compared to other events and conferences we have participated in the past in Turkey. During the sessions, some impressive figures about the insurtech industry provided by the speakers (Turkey compared to the United States), showed that Turkey still has significant room for new investment opportunities. However, they also emphasised that companies in Turkey would have to change their investment-culture if they wanted to tap into this field of possibilities.

Some comments provided by the panellists and participants;

Getting a budget for innovation, or any kind of playroom is to 95% impossible.

Marketing and Technology budgets are seeing as expenses, not investments.

We have to establish a culture of “failure-budget”.


The next event will be on the 24th of May, 2019.

Topic: Health and Wellness

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